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Bathtime for babies is a daily routine that may seem tricky at first but will make for amazing memories once you and the little one get used to it. We’re talking about that first few baths you give to your little one; the nervousness of doing something wrong combined with a crying infant is a situation new parents would like to avoid at all costs. After a few weeks, however, the babies may even start enjoying their time in the water and not want to come out of the tubs. Bathing your child is also an intimate bonding experience that can bring the baby close to other family members while mama is taking a break. This delightful session can act as your personal concert where you sing your favorite tunes to the baby, or a miniature spa to calm the little one down before bed. Baby bathtime can be anything you want it to be, a routine that goes beyond just cleaning them up. At Mamas & Papas, we have curated a range of bathtime toys, baby baths and snuggly towels for an effortless and stress-free experience for both parents and babies. Explore our top picks listed out in this blog.
Tommee Tippee Splashtime Hug N Dry Hooded Towel | Top 10 Must-Have Baby Bath Accessories | Mamas & Papas blog

Tommee Tippee Splashtime Hug N Dry Hooded Towel

Continue the fun after baby’s bathtime with Tommee Tippee’s Splashtime Hug N Dry Hooded Towel. It features adorable animal details such as a Penguin for a playful touch. Made from super soft hypoallergenic material, the towel will keep your little one warm and dry after a dip. Simply lay your little one flat and pop on the hood to warm and dry them in a few seconds. Its hood will help keep the towel in place until the baby is dry.

You can also take Tommee Tippee’s Splashtime Hug N Dry Hooded Towel to the beach or the pool. The chlorine resistant and SPF50 fabric will protect the baby’s delicate skin.

SmileFrida The Finger Toothbrush | Top 10 Must-Have Baby Bath Accessories | Mamas & Papas Blog

SmileFrida The Finger Toothbrush

SmileFrida’s Finger Toothbrush is an ideal pick to keep a baby’s oral health in check. It is specially designed with a triple-angle brush head that makes it easy to clean your little one’s baby teeth and provide a gentle massage to alleviate teething woes. While its double-sided structure cleans upper and lower teeth and gums simultaneously and protects your finger when baby chomps down.

Skip Hop Moby Waterfall Rinser Image

Skip Hop Moby Waterfall Rinser

Skip Hop’s Moby Waterfall Rinser will be a cute and useful addition to your little one’s bath. Designed to look like a cartoon whale, the product features interior fins that allow a steady flow of water for cry-free rinses. The soft rubber lip at the mouth snuggly fits to your baby’s forehead preventing water from getting into their eyes. For practicality and ease, Skip Hop’s Moby Waterfall Rinser has an easy grip handle so you can hold it in one hand and the baby in another.

Fridababy Head-Hugging Hair Brush & Comb Set Image

Fridababy Head-Hugging Hair Brush & Comb Set

Style and smoothen your baby’s hair with Fridababy Head-Hugging Hair Brush and Comb Set. The brush has a flexible base that contours to the baby’s head for soft and gentle styling. It features a no-slip palm grip to allow one-handed use and soft bristles that help stimulate their scalp and distribute the natural oils evenly. When not in use, keep it away in the storage container to avoid dust and germs from collecting. The styling comb is also made with soft bristles that smoothly help achieve the desired look on your little one.

Essential Changing Mat

Make our Essential Changing Mat part of the baby’s post bath routine. It is designed to fit all the Mamas & Papas dressers and cot top changers. The mat is made from a soft and easily cleanable material, there are no scratchy edges or rough seams to irritate the baby’s delicate skin and allows you to wipe away spills without any fuss. To add a fun element to its design, the Essential Changing Mat comes with Born to be Wild safari print that can be adorable addition to the nursery.

Hooded Baby Towel - Dinosaur Image

Hooded Baby Towel

This Dinosaur-themed towel from our Mamas & Papas collection will make post bathtime activities fun with the playful 3D dinosaur spikes. It acts like a fun and engaging transition from the bathroom to the dresser with reduced fussiness. Crafted from soft toweling material, it’ll dry your baby quickly while feeling nice and gentle on their delicate skin.

Doomoo Easy Bath Floating Mattress Image

Doomoo Easy Bath Floating Mattress

Prepare for a relaxing bath time with your little one using Doomoo’s Easy Bath Floating Mattress. It is filled with micro pearls inside which perfectly mold to your baby’s body up until they partly lie in the water. The soft and mellow structure of the mattress makes it a soothing experience for babies, while the parents have their hands free to wash them. Doomoo’s Easy Bath Floating Mattress is the ideal way to introduce newborns to water without overwhelming them.

Welcome to the World Luxury Changing Mattress

The Welcome to the World Changing Mattress will create a luxurious dressing space for your little one. After bathing, lay them down on its super-comfy, padded mat and quilted pillow as you get them ready for the day. It is complete with delicate embroidery and is machine-washable for your convenience.

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Healthcare and Grooming Kit

This handy kit by Tommee Tippee has all the essentials to keep your baby well groomed. It’s pouch includes a toothbrush, a nail clipper, two emery boards, a brush and a comb that will get the little one ready to stay hygienic and tidy. Other tools like a thermometer and nasal aspirator will be useful during cold and fever. Whether you are home or on-the-go, this kit has nine essential items that help you take care of the baby with ease.

Moby Smart Sling 3-Stage Tub

Create a safe space for your little one’s bathtime with Moby Smart’s Sling 3-Stage Tub. The versatile bathtub grows with babies through three stages, newborn (0-3 months), infants (3-6 months) and sitters (6+ months). It is equipped with a Mesh Smart Sling that provides Comfort-Edge Support and locks in two ergonomic positions to suit the baby. The upper position offers head-to-toe cradling and the lower one supports infants learning to sit. Additional features like non-slip interior and a drain plug makes Moby Smart Sling 3-Stage Tub even more practical.