Citron offers a stylish and practical range of meal time essentials and on-the-go products, inspired by kids. The brand’s latest collaboration with Sophie La Girafe brings together world-famous luxury and trusted quality in one chic capsule collection featuring lunch bag, water bottle, and a snack box. Our UAE edit also includes backpacks, cutlery, cups and plates to to simplify mealtime for kids no matter where they are. Each product is made from sustainable materials with superior quality and imaginative designs that will last for years to come.
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Citron Tritan Lunchbox Unicorn
Citron Tritan Lunchbox Spaceship
Citron Grand Lunchbox Unicorn
Citron Sophie Le Girafe Gift Set
Citron Organic Bamboo Toys Set of 5
Citron Grand Lunchbox Spaceship
Citron Cutlery Set Olive Green
Citron Tritan Lunchbox Dino
Citron Tritan Snackbox Cherry
Citron Tritan Snackbox Spaceship
Citron Tritan Snackbox Dino
Citron Kids Backpack Spaceship
Citron Water Bottle 350ml Dino
Citron Tritan Snackbox Unicorn
Citron Grand Lunchbox Dino
Citron Water Bottle 250ml Spaceship
Citron Water Bottle 350ml Spaceship
Citron Grand Lunchbox Cherry
Citron Tritan Lunchbox Cherry
Citron Water Bottle 250ml Cherry
Citron Water Bottle 350ml Cherry
Citron Cutlery Set Blush Pink

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