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As a parent or caregiver to a growing toddler, you’d want every festival, holiday and milestone to be a special one for your baby. And, purchasing an adorable teddy or that perfect gift can make all the difference. A soft toy might become their new bestfriend or an illustrative book would teach them new words and concepts. To purchase the best present for your baby girl, it is important to know what she likes and gets excited by. At this fun and active age, 1-year-olds enjoy activities that include pushing, pulling, putting things together and pulling them apart. You might also have noticed your baby girl moving all her toys into a box, only to unload and start all over again. It's the age where the gift box can sometimes be more exciting than what is inside. Below, we have handpicked the best toys and gifts for 1-year-old girls that will engage, entertain and educate her.
Rocking Animals | The Best Toys and Gifts for 1-Year-Old Girls | Mamas & Papas Blog

Rocking Animals

A rocking horse is a traditional staple to any nursery, but our Mamas & Papas team has given it an upgrade. Our rocking animals collection features Ellery the Elephant, Wildly the Caterpillar and Bugsy the Pony. Now your little girl can bring her fantasy world and adventures to life with her new adorable friends. While these rockers are not life-sized, they are big enough to let your 1-year-old ride on their back.

The rocking animals come with hidden interactive features such as crinkle sounds, bell and rattle to keep your little one entertained. Made with a solid wooden base and super soft faux fur fabric, your child will have fun exploring the various textures. These rockers would make for a perfect gift on Christmas, Easter or Eid.

Soft toys

Soft Toys

Choose from our collection of sweet stuffed animals that are small enough to be tucked in the stroller for play on-the-go. They are reassuringly soft and friendly characters your child is sure to love. Each toy is made from super soft faux fur and fabrics for a luxury feel that is perfect for cuddles. Brought to life in crisp whites, subtle greys and pops of color, these soft toys have a contemporary design that matches with our Mamas & Papas furniture line.

Introduce your baby girl to the characters of elephant, bunny, giraffe and zebra with our soft toy collection to help her find her new best friend. Stuffed animals are a timeless gift idea that you can give anytime of the year to bring a smile on your daughter’s face. Afterall, a toddler can never have too many soft toys.

Play Sets

Play Sets

Play sets combine multiple toys and fun activities together in one place to keep toddlers engaged for a long period of time. At Mamas & Papas, we have a wide collection of activity sets, featuring baby brands Infantino, Dena, Sophie La Girafe and more.

Our own range includes interactive sit and play seats, activity cubes, rattles and play trays to choose from. The inflatable seats are one of our most loved products. They allow babies to enjoy independent playtime by keeping them secure and supported with a raised back. Featuring an easily removable play panel that's full of interactive features such as a crinkle texture, squeaker noise, sweet bunny soft toys and more; they will keep your little one occupied while you finish your chores.

Infantino’s Entertainer 360 Seat is yet another bestseller loved by parents and kids alike. It comes with 6 engaging toys with light up buttons and musical effects. As your toddler grows, the entertainer seat can be adjusted to three different height positions to suit them and also transforms into a stand and play activity table.

No matter which activity set you give your 1-year-old, they are bound to be engaged and learn new sounds, shapes and games while playing. It is one of those gifts that just keeps giving.

educational toys

Educational Toys and Books

Shape-sorting toys, books and puzzles will help your toddler work on their problem-solving and reading skills. Sassi’s thematic wooden toys, bedtime stories and exciting puzzles will make learning fun. The brand offers play kits such as the Doctor’s Bag that features 9 wooden toys and a 10-page book talking about a doctor’s instruments. Other kits focus on shapes, numbers, opposites and more.

Sassi also offers picture books on educational topics such as ‘Little Otter Cleans Up’ that teaches children the basics of good hygiene, and ‘Little Otter Uses the Potty’ to playfully guide kids as they transition towards independence. Sassi products will not only benefit the toddler but also assist you on your parenting journey.

To conclude, choosing toys and gifts for 1-year-old girls is an opportunity to spark joy, foster growth, and cultivate imagination. Our hand picked selections will engage their senses, encourage exploration, and promote developmental milestones. From interactive toys that light up their curiosity to cuddly companions that offer comfort, the variety available ensures there's something delightful for every little girl. As they embark on their journey of discovery, these toys not only entertain but also play a crucial role in their cognitive, emotional, and physical development. Looking for more gift options? Explore our Mamas & Papas online store to find a wide range of products.