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Bath time can be a magical bonding experience for you and your little one. But with a brand new baby, it can also feel a bit overwhelming. In this blog we have curated a list of must-have bath time essentials that will make those splashy moments stress-free and oh-so-enjoyable.
Tommee Tippee Bath Thermometer

Safety First: The Perfect Prep

Temperature Control: Tiny humans have sensitive skin, so ensuring the bathwater is just the right temperature is key. Ideal bath temperature for little ones is at the body temperature, between 36.5°C and 38°C. The Tommee Tippee's Closer to Nature Bath and Room Thermometer takes the guesswork out of it, giving you peace of mind and a happy baby. It is also designed to give off warning lights when the bath is too hot.

Bath time basics

Bath Time Basics: Tubs, Seats & Mats

The Right Tub: A comfy and secure tub is a bath time must-have. The Moby Smart Sling 3-stage tub adapts and grows with your baby, providing support and comfort throughout those first crucial years. It grows through 3 stages; newborn (0-3 months), infant (3-6 months) and sitters (6+ months); to support your little one.

Seated Comfort: For extra support, especially for younger babies, an AngelCare Soft Touch Bath Seat is a great option. It allows you to bathe your little one hands-free with confidence. The bath seat is designed with drain holes to allow water to pass through and its four extra strong suction cups keeps the seat securely in place.

Non-Slip Security: Bathmats are essential for preventing slips and ensuring your baby feels safe. The Skip Hop Moby Bath Mat Blue is both adorable and functional, featuring a playful design and a non-slip surface. It features perforations for drainage to allow quick drying and help reduce mildew build-up.

Baby Cleansing and Care

Keeping it Gentle: Cleansing & Care

Tear-Free Time: Choose baby washes and shampoos that are gentle enough for your little one’s delicate skin. Look for fragrance-free and tear-free formulas to keep bath time irritation-free.

Cradle Cap Care: If your little one experiences cradle cap (dry, flaky patches on the scalp), Dermafrida's The Flakefixer - Sponge/Brush and Comb is a gentle yet effective solution. It is the first 3-step system specially designed to fix the flake situation. First lather with sponge, then loosen with brush and lift with comb then get back to the baby with more cradle, less cap.

Baby Towels | Cozy Comfort

The Grand Finale: Cosy Comfort

Hooded Towels: After a relaxing bath, a soft, absorbent hooded towel is a must for keeping your baby warm and snuggly. Opt for a fun design and a super-soft material for post bath cuddles and giggles with your little one.

Bonus Tip: Make bath time a sensory experience with bath toys, sing songs, and talk to your baby. It's a wonderful opportunity for bonding and creating happy memories. With these must-have essentials, bath time can be a breeze – a time for relaxation, bonding, and pure joy for both you and your little one.