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When shopping for your little one’s arrival, one of the major purchases you’ll make is a stroller. From their first ride home from the hospital to their first trip abroad with family, a stroller will be your reliable partner in transporting your bundle of joy from point A to B safely and comfortably. However, with a wide variety of options in the market — we’re talking in terms of safety, additional features and style — it can be a daunting task to pick the perfect one that suits your family and lifestyle. At Mamas and Papas, we bring you the best strollers from various brand that deliver in terms of quality and design to aid your growing needs. Three of our highly-recommended and exclusive stroller brands are Airo, Ocarro and Strada, which are designed specifically to cater to your needs. Do you and your partner enjoy leading an active life by going on new adventures? What kind of stroller would suit a family living in the city? Are there frequent plane trips on your calendar? Below, we’ve broken down the details and discussed stroller features that will help solve any problems you’re currently facing, while making life with your little one that much easier.
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Airo: The Perfect Travel Companion

If you and your partner would like to continue travelling freely like you did before your baby arrived or your jobs demand regular plane journeys, the Airo stroller in our collection is the one for you. It is one of the lightest options from our collection which makes it easy to carry and transport. This means no more struggling to fold bulky strollers while your baby is throwing a tantrum. Using just one hand, you can easily fold the stroller and even wear it as a backpack when needed. Its super-slim structure is compact enough to glide through tight corner and fit in most compartments such as car boots and luggage racks.

The Airo stroller is equally favourable for children as it is for parents. Ideal for newborns to growing toddlers, the stroller seat is designed to sit fully upright so they can watch the world go by from the safety of the pram. During nap time, all you have to do is lay the seat flat for your little one to nap on, its snug liner, extra padding and knitted fabric will create a cosy environment for them to catch some much-needed zzz. When the sun shines too bright during your travels, the breathable fabric will keep your little one nice and cool. It is also machine washable so you don’t need to worry about spillages on the go.

pushchair buying guide - ocarro

Ocarro: The Ultimate Adventure Buddy

When your weekends consist of off-the-road adventures such as beachside picnics or desert camping, the Ocarro stroller’s all-terrain travel system will keep your baby safe and supported. It is an award-winning design that provides robust comfort for your little one and features a compact one-hand fold so it is easy to carry around.

Other must-haves from the Ocarro collection include carrycots, backpacks, changing bags, memory foam liners, car seat adapters and cup holders to ensure you have everything you need to have a smooth outdoor experience with your little one. All products are expertly crafted keeping your little one’s safety in mind, while the rich and sophisticated colour palette easily blends in with your lifestyle.

Browse and buy from our Ocarro collection below.

pushchair buying guide - strada

Strada: The On-the-Go Essential

The Strada line is for parents who would like to take their baby with them everywhere they go. Whether you are doing grocery shopping, running errands or taking a stroll around the block, this line is designed to keep you and your baby company. Its super compact construction and lightweight body help in easily storing it in the car trunk or a nook of the house without taking up so much space. This luxury stroller is also equipped with small wheels and light steering which makes it easy to navigate.

Start your day with your child awake and full of joy as they sit and watch the world go by, thanks to the fully upright seat. As the day passes you can stow all your shopping bags in the easy-access basket at the bottom. When the sun goes down, the stroller’s light-reflecting wheels help alert passing vehicles and ensure safety. Additional features such as easy harness buckles, padded seat liner, ventilated panels and adjustable height will support your busy urban life by keeping your little one comfortable and secure throughout the day so you can work through your different tasks out and about town.

Check out some of our favourite Strada products below.