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Getting ready to welcome your baby to the world starts with a well-organized hospital bag that carries anything and everything you’ll need in the labour ward. While some items are necessary, it is important not to overpack your bag to avoid clutter. This is why we have curated a hospital checklist with the help of Malaak Mama and Baby Care Maternity Nurses and Babysitters, who are extensively trained with the highest international standards. By preparing at least a few weeks ahead of your due date, you can keep jitters at bay and aim for that much more peaceful experience on your ride to the hospital, when the time comes. Bookmark this blog for later or share it with your partner to start collecting the must-haves for an exciting, life-changing day ahead.


After safely arriving at the hospital, one of the first requirements will be to submit the appropriate identity proofs, documents and reports. Make sure to carry the mother and father-to-be’s passports, visas, Emirates IDs, marriage certificate and insurance card copies to complete formalities.


For the mum

While most hospitals generally provide goodies to aid new mothers during and post labour, it is worthwhile bringing some of your own products for added comfort. Below is a comprehensive list of items to look out for and consider when prepping the hospital bag:

Personal items

  1. Personal toiletries (soaps; toothbrush; toothpaste)
  2. Towels
  3. Lip balm
  4. Slippers
  5. Water bottle
  6. Hairbrush and dryer
  7. Something to tie or clip hair back during labour
  8. Any medication you have been prescribed and are using daily


  1. Night clothes and a gown (or you can use hospital gowns)
  2. Your own comfortable clothes (you are not ill and do not have to wear pyjamas all day)
  3. Disposable underwear
  4. Sanitary towels
  5. Clothes and shoes for going home in
  6. Breast pads
  7. Nipple protectors
  8. Nursing bra
Baby essentials for hospital bag mamas & papas blog

For the baby

Now that your little bundle of joy has arrived, make sure you have the below clothing items to wrap them in, and feeding essentials for an easy bottle or breastfeeding experience.


  1. Clothes and wraps to go home in
  2. 6 wraps or blankets
  3. 6 long-sleeved and long-legged baby suits
  4. 6 short-sleeved or sleeveless suits
  5. 2 pairs of socks (these are best to use instead of hand mittens)
  6. 6 muslin cloths
  7. 2 hats
  8. Nappies and wipes
  9. Products for cleansing their skin (you may be happy to not use anything - preferable or what the hospital has to offer)
  10. Bottom cream
  11. Towels


  1. Breast pump
  2. Bottles (that you are hoping to use)
  3. Formula (ready-to-feed is best)
  4. Feeding pillow