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Pregnancy is one of the most life-changing phases of a woman’s life. It gives life to new hopes and dreams while challenging you as an individual and mother. Pain and discomfort come along with smiles and laughter for those precious moments in your life as you welcome a newborn into your family. Today, there are numerous products from leading baby and maternity labels to make your journey easier and alleviate common discomforts so you can focus on all the good parts of becoming a mother. Below, we have talked about the essential maternity products that will make your pregnancy and postpartum journey a little more comfortable by helping you relax and reduce your pain during this transformative time.
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Maternity Pillows

As your baby bump grows bigger, you may find it difficult to sleep. Some of the common discomforts and sleep issues include back pain, hip pain, and difficulty in finding the right position to sleep. Maternity pillow also known as pregnancy pillows are designed specifically to provide comfort and support during these times. They have a unique shape to reduce pressure on these key areas and promote better alignment.

Maternity pillows are available in various styles to accommodate your personal preferences and sleeping patterns. There are C-shaped, U-shaped and wedge pillows in our Mamas & Papas online store to aid your body’s changing shape and growing belly. Moreover, they can be used after childbirth to support baby while breastfeeding and provide you comfort during recovery. Some of them also come with removeable and washable covers to maintain hygiene for you and your little one.

Maternity Wear

Another way to provide comfort and support to your changing body is through maternity wear. They are specifically designed for you and cater to specific needs such as offering flexibility and room for growth while maintaining fashion and functionality. Our Mamas & Papas online store offers maternity underwear and lingerie to create the perfect base for your outfit. The Cariwell Maternity and Nursing Bra provides comfort and convenience without the painful underwire. They also feature delicate lace detailing for a feminine touch.

Cariwell’s Maternity Support Panty is another must-have in your collection. It is made for comfortable postpartum tummy control and back support. The stretchy fabric helps gently flatten your belly and firm your buttocks. When shopping for maternity wear it is important to invest in quality and versatile basics so you can get the most out of all your outfits.

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Maternity Bag

Once you have purchased all the right maternity essentials, pack your hospital bag in preparation for the big day. Apart from the key items mentioned above, get breast pads, nipple protectors and cream to ease into breastfeeding.

When it comes to postpartum maternity must-haves, Fridamom’s C-section recovery kit and labor, delivery and postpartum recovery kit will help you from the moment you have your first contractions till the first post birth trip to the toilet. They include upside down Peri bottle, disposable underwear, comfy grip socks, nursing gown, healing foam and more. Simply pack the kit into your hospital bag and you’re good to go.

Maternity Pads

One of the most important postpartum essentials is the maternity pad. Also known as maternity sanitary pads, they are specifically designed to be used post childbirth. This means they are larger, thicker and more absorbent the regular pads to handle the heavy bleeding that can occur after the birth. They are made to be disposable to provide you with convenience and hygiene during this new period in your life. Using maternity pads instead of the regular ones is important as they also help in postpartum healing by minimizing the risk of infection.

Our Mamas & Papas online store features the Fridamom Hospital Kit that features the Instant Ice Maxi Pads and Disposable Postpartum underwear to start your journey to recovery.