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The Cloud G i-Size, Sirona G i-Size and Base G are the latest additions to CYBEX’s award winning car seat range at Mamas & Papas. While the Cloud G-size is specifically designed to accommodate even the smallest of babies from 40cm all the way to 87cm, the Sirona G i-Size can be used for toddlers up to 4 years old.
Both car seats use the latest technology for ultimate convenience – getting them in and out of the car is easy thanks to innovative rotation features, provides ergonomic lie-flat position and all-round ventilation. This is a huge benefit for the babies in the Middle East where the summer season is typically longer than the winter months.
The CYBEX Cloud G i-Size, Sirona G i-Size and Base G have flexibility, comfort and safety embedded in its design. As Base G is compatible for both these car seats, you can safely support your little one’s journey from birth all the way to toddlerhood.
The CYBEX Cloud G i-Size, Sirona G i-Size and Base G have flexibility, comfort and safety embedded in its design. As Base G is compatible for both these car seats, you can safely support your little one’s journey from birth all the way to toddlerhood.
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Top 5 features of the Cloud G i-Size

1. Click auto release system - convenience at your fingertips

Getting your child in or out of the car has never been so easy. Thanks to its one click-rotate & release system, the Cloud G i-Size is in and out the car in the blink of an eye. When rotated towards the door the auto-release system allows you to use one or both hands if needed to lift the car seat from the car. For parents with two children, this could be a gamechanger, as one hand can still be used to hold onto your little one, whilst removing the baby seat.

2. Ergonomic lie-flat position

The Cloud G i-Size provides an ergonomic near lie-flat position, in and out of the car. It is extremely simple to recline with one hand, you can find your child’s ideal position in seconds, paving the way to great naps and comfort. Keeping your child as flat as possible is good for their growth and imitates being in their cocoon. The harness also automatically adjusts when you recline the car seat.

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3. Airline compliant

Your new travel buddy, the Cloud G i-Size is not only perfect for day to day use, but it fits snuggly into an aeroplane seat allowing you to take it with you on family trips. Giving you and your child all the freedom and security needed to roam on holiday. The Cloud G i-Size can even be used safely with just a seatbelt so you can leave your Base G at home if you prefer.

4. Long lasting baby car seat, use from 40cm – 87cm

Specially designed to accommodate newborns from 40cm, even the smallest babies or premature babies are protected. The newborn inlay ensures a cosy, protected fit for newborns and smaller babies and can easily be removed when they grow and need more space. Easily adjust the headrest to match your child’s growth with 14 individual positions and an automatically adjusting harness, guaranteed to keep them safe and comfortable for years to come.

5. Breathability

When babies are first born and in their first year, they are more sensitive to slight changes in temperature as their bodies are still growing and developing. Let the air flow around your child thanks to the Cloud G i-Size’s all-round air ventilation; precisely placed ventilation holes mean the air not only circulates but leaves the seat completely, making every journey a breeze. Comfort is key for a newborn, especially if you are travelling on long journeys. This also comes very handy during warmer days.

Sirona G i-Size

Top 5 Features of the Sirona G i-Size

1. Extended Rear-Facing Travel

Safety is of the utmost priority when purchasing a car seat. The Sirona G i-Size prioritises it by allowing your child to travel rear-facing for a longer period, which is recommended by safety experts as the safest way for toddlers to travel in the car. So whether you are taking a road trip with your little one or going for a short drive around the block, they will remain safe throughout.

2. 360° Rotation for Easy Access & In/Out

With today’s hectic and on-the-go lives, convenience and ease while travelling with your little one will make the journey more enjoyable for both you and the baby. Getting your little one in and out of the car is effortless with the Sirona G i-Size's innovative 360° rotation mechanism. Simply rotate the seat towards you, buckle up your child with ease, and then rotate it back to a forward-facing or rear-facing position.

Sirona G i-Size

3. Multiple Recline Positions for Comfort

Ensure your toddler's comfort on long journeys with the Sirona G i-Size's multiple recline positions. This car seat offers a comfortable lie-flat recline for restful naps, perfect for younger toddlers, and more upright positions for older children who prefer to sit up and see the world.

4. Growing Room & Adjustable Features

Make the most out of your Sirona G i-Size car seat, thanks to the growing room and adjustable features. As your little one grows, the headrest and harness can be easily fine-tined to perfect fit throughout their toddler years.

5. Superior Safety Features

Just like the Cloud G i-Size, the Sirona G i-Size prioritises safety with features like integrated Linear Side Impact Protection (L.S.P.) for enhanced side-impact protection, a load leg for minimising forward movement in a crash, and a five-point harness system for optimal security.

Sirona G i-Size vs Cloud G i-Size

Feature Sirona G i-Size Cloud G i-Size
Focus Toddler Comfort & Extended Rear-Facing Travel Infant Comfort & Convenience
Age/Height Range Birth to approx. 4 years (up to 105cm) Birth to approx. 24 months (up to 87cm)
Safety Extended Rear-Facing Travel • L.S.P. Side Impact Protection Load • Leg for Minimizing Forward Movement • 5-Point Harness 15% More Side Impact Protection (L.S.P.) • Meets Latest UN R129/03 Safety Regulation • Auto-Adjustable Harness
Comfort & Convenience 360° Rotation for Easy Access • Multiple Recline Positions • Growing Room & Adjustable Features 180° Rotation & One-Click Release System • Ergonomic Lie-Flat Position (In & Out of Car) • Airline Compliant
Modular System Compatible with Base G Compatible with Base G