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As a busy, successful parent, you value both style and practicality. You want your nursery to be a haven for your little one, reflecting your discerning taste and providing a space that seamlessly transitions with your growing child. Mamas & Papas understands this need, offering a stunning collection of dressers and changers designed to last a lifetime. These beautifully crafted pieces are more than just changing stations; they're versatile investments that transform alongside your child's needs. Imagine dressing your little one in the latest designer finds on a dresser that wouldn't look out of place in your own chic bedroom. Here are 6 of our favorite dressers and changers from Mamas & Papas that combine functionality with timeless design:
Coxley image


This stunning newcomer is a collaboration between Mamas & Papas' in-house design team and acclaimed furniture designer Anne Sewell. The Coxley boasts a handcrafted look with unique textured wood details and a contemporary color palette. Inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement and mid-century style, the Coxley offers a touch of timeless elegance. This piece is designed for longevity, featuring a removable changing top and customizable drawer fronts – perfect for adapting to your evolving style and growing family. The Coxley seamlessly transitions into other rooms of your home, ensuring lasting value.

Why we love it? Coxley grows with your style and family, offering timeless elegance in a modern design.



This elegant dresser boasts a unique design that blends classic curves with contemporary lines, making it a statement piece for your nursery. It cleverly maximizes space by doubling as a changing station with ample storage for all your baby's essentials. Three drawers, two removable rails, and a handy towel rail keep everything organized, while the easily cleaned surfaces ensure a hygienic environment for your child. The Mia transitions beautifully as your child grows, transforming into a stylish dresser for years to come.

Why we love it? Mia maximizes space with changing station & storage, transforming into a stylish dresser for years to come.

Harwell Image


Introduce a touch of playful charm to your nursery with the Harwell dresser and changer. This versatile piece boasts a neutral color palette that compliments any décor, while the adjustable storage cleverly adapts to your growing child's needs. The removable changing top keeps you ahead of the curve, eliminating the need to replace furniture as your little one blossoms. Open box-style storage provides ample space for toys and clothes, while a dedicated compartment keeps wipes conveniently at hand.

Why we love it? Harwell combines playful charm with adjustable storage that adapts to your growing child, eliminating furniture upgrades.

Wedmore Image


The Wedmore dresser and changer is a classic choice for the discerning parent. This practical piece features a removable changing top for long-lasting use, along with three spacious drawers for ample storage. Soft, rounded edges ensure safety for your child, while the wood effect accents add a touch of warmth to your nursery.

Why we love it? Wedmore offers timeless design with a removable changing top and spacious drawers for long-lasting use.

Oxford Image


Part of the "Welcome to the World" décor collection, the Oxford dresser and changer offers a complete solution for your nursery. This sophisticated piece features an abundance of storage with three spacious drawers and internal dividers, while soft-close drawers ensure a peaceful environment for your sleeping baby. The changing unit boasts a perfect height for comfortable diaper changes, and the removable rails transform the unit into a stylish dresser for later years.

Why we love it? Oxford provides complete nursery storage with soft-close drawers, transforming from changing station to stylish dresser.

Atlas image


For those who crave clean lines and contemporary design, the Atlas dresser and changer is a perfect choice. This sleek piece features three deep drawers for organized storage and a removable changing top for effortless transition as your child grows. Designed to fit any Mamas & Papas changing mat, the Atlas provides a comfortable and stylish solution for your nursery.

Why we love it? Atlas features clean lines, ample storage, and a removable top for an effortless transition as your child grows.