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The best kind of gifts are the ones that nurture the baby and are easy to maintain for parents. They help the caregivers in their parenting journey, are safe for the kids and keep them engaged. Whether you are attending a baby shower, visiting the newborn at hospital or celebrating their first birthday; a gift is a thoughtful gesture that makes you part of their initial years. When choosing a baby gift, make sure it is age-appropriate and can last a while before the infant grows out of it. At Mamas & Papas, we have a wide range of products from baby clothes and nursery items to babycare and toys. You’ll also find gift hampers and imprint tins to add a sentimental touch to your gifts. In this blog, we have handpicked items across occasions and budgets to help you pick the best one for your little bundle of joy.
Welcome to the World Gifts

Welcome to the World

Connect with the new arrival and the newly minted parents by gifting them our ‘Welcome to the World’ collection. It features a range of baby clothing, toys and interior items in pastel hues and cosy vibes. These are made from the softest cottons and designed with playful characters like baby elephants.

The adorable bodysuits and sleepsuits will help the baby make incredible first impressions while comforters, musical mobiles, soft toys and blankets will create a relaxing environment in the nursery. If you are looking for playful alternatives, take a look at the themed playmats and interactive seats to keep them engaged.

Celebrating Milestones

Celebrating Milestones

During their infant and toddler days, babies grow rapidly and learn new things every day. From taking their first step to learning how to wave “bye bye”, these special moments will bring a smile on everyone around them. To commemorate the moment, get them an appropriate gift to encourage them in their journey.

Rolling Over

Rolling over is one of the early milestones that happens between 4-7 months of age. By this time, babies have developed the strength and motor control needed to roll over. To encourage them further, gift them Infantino’s Jungle Peek and Roll or a Roll Pillow from our Mamas & Papas collection. Both products are designed with adorable characters such as cartoon animals and celestial bodies. They will allow the baby to have more tummy time and develop motor skills required for the next milestones.


At 6 months, parents will start weaning their kid. It can be one of the messiest transitions for the baby and demanding for the caregivers. Gifts such as a food blender, a stylish lunch bag or a cookbook will be appreciated and make the process that much easier for everyone involved.

Beaba’s Babycook is written by psychologist and nutritionist Laurent Haurant, featuring 80 recipes for babies from 4 to 24 months. This will act as perfect inspiration for parents as they start weaning their little one. If you have a higher budget, Tommee Tippee’s Baby Food Steamer Blender will be a neat addition to their kitchen. It can steam and blend any fruit, vegetable and meat to give babies a real taste of the world. Other items like cartoon-themed dinner and cutlery sets will also bring a smile to their faces.

Cognitive Development

A gift that is fun and teaches babies new skills? Not so easy to find. We love Sassi’s collection of books, puzzles and wooden toys for playtime. In bright colours and adorable characters, the brand’s range will teach the kids how to count, read, and play instruments. This will support a baby’s growth throughout their toddler years. Take your pick from picture books, story books, and toy sets available at our Mamas & Papas online store.


First Birthday Baby Gifts

Many 1-year-olds are not very picky when it comes to gifts, they are as excited by the gift wrapping as they are about what is inside. However, this is also the age where playtime is all about sensory exploration and motor development so toys that keep them engaged while developing necessary skills are a big winner.

For starters, a soft and cuddly toy will make for an excellent gift. Our online store includes rag dolls, and stuffed animals like bunnies, elephants, and lambs that are easy for kids to carry around. They are made with luxurious faux fur and friendly designs that are perfect for cuddles.

In line with the animal-themed toys, Mamas & Papas Rockers will elevate the child’s playtime. Crafted from a wooden base, and faux fur, they will introduce different textures to the baby’s life while interacting with them through a variety of hidden sounds. Take your pick from a horse, caterpillar and baby elephant. Other engaging gifts for the young recipients are activity books, playmats, doctor playsets and puzzles.

Christmas gifts

Celebrating their First Christmas

There is nothing more special than celebrating a baby's first Christmas. Make the most out of this joyous moment by dressing them in festive clothing, filling out their Christmas stockings and decorating the tree together. Our Mamas & Papas collection features knitted rompers, elf hats, reindeer comforters, pyjamas, soft toys and decor for a magical evening.

just because gifts

Just because you Love them

Sometimes extra cuddles and kisses just don’t show how much you really love them. Spending quality time with your little one will create memories that you can look back on with fondness. Gifts that increase family bonding will make babies feel loved while increasing their trust on the caregivers. Interact with the baby during bathtime with Infantino’s bath book to introduce animals, patterns, colours and storytelling. Another way to connect with the youngling is through completing puzzles with Dena toys. They are designed to entertain kids and encourage imagination and creativity.

While this curated collection of top baby gifts are designed to bring joy to little ones and parents alike, there are over 55 renowned baby brands at our online stores to choose from. Browse through the different categories, from feeding and seating products to toys and gifts, to find the perfect match for the new arrival in your life. You can also visit one of our locations across GCC to get advice from our friendly staff or recommendations on what to buy.